Signature 4 C output transformersTransfo1


Transformers are all the same ?


The Quaero Signature output transformers are the fruit of four years of development, a painstaking process of listening and fine-tuning. The result of this research is a range of transformers, unique in its ability to maintains the integrity of the musical signal, to deliver a full frequency bandwidth and to reduce the distortion, in order to preserve the signal path.

One of the most important part of the amplifier !


Each Quaero Signature output transformer is handmade, to make sure of accurate interleaving and wire tension. Meticulously constructed in our workshop, using high quality 4 C core and fine materials like, cardboard shell, paper dielectric, anti-MDI impregnation, they contain proprietary multiple section and multiple layer design.

All this combined, brings you an output transformer like no other !


• Cardboard shell and paper dielectric

• Proprietary multiple section and multiple layer design

• 4 C core matched in pair

• Anti-MDI impregnation

Specifications, versions & options are subject to revision without notice.